Is iVPN the Best VPN for Privacy and Security in 2023?


With cybersecurity threats on the rise, more people are turning to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to protect their privacy and data. iVPN has emerged as one of the top choices recommended by privacy experts. But does it live up to the hype? This comprehensive review will examine if iVPN is the best VPN service for privacy and security today.

What is a VPN and How Does It Work?

Before analyzing iVPN specifically, let’s quickly recap what a VPN is and why one might use these services:

  • VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through remote servers, hiding your IP address and location.
  • This prevents hackers, ISPs, and governments from spying on what you do online. It also allows accessing geo-restricted content.
  • A VPN routes your traffic through an encrypted tunnel before exiting through a server somewhere else in the world. This makes it seem like you are browsing from that server’s location instead of your own.

Now let’s look at iVPN specifically to see if it checks all the boxes for being a secure, no-logs VPN suitable for the privacy conscious.

What is iVPN?

iVPN is a VPN service provider founded in 2015 that prides itself on not keeping user activity logs. Based in Gibraltar, the company is outside the jurisdiction of intrusive surveillance alliances like FiveEyes.


Some key facts about iVPN:

  • 150+ servers in 50+ countries
  • Recommended by privacytoolsIO as a top no-logs VPN
  • Unlimited bandwidth with high-speed servers
  • 256-bit AES encryption across all supported protocols
  • Leak protection, split tunneling and port forwarding capabilities
  • No activity or connection logs kept

The company states that its primary purpose is protecting users’ privacy. iVPN seems laser focused on security, anonymity and maintaining a minimal-logs policy. Their privacy policy has been audited and confirmed by Cure53.

"We developed iVPN to protect users privacy, security and freedom. We believe online privacy and internet freedom are fundamental human rights worth fighting for" - iVPN Website

Next, let’s look at some of iVPN’s key features and benefits when it comes to privacy protections:

iVPN Features and Benefits

Strict No Logs Policy

Most critically, iVPN adheres to a strict no activity/connection logs policy. The company does not track or log traffic destination, the content of any communication, DNS queries, or VPN IPs assigned.

The only exceptions, as mandated by law, are timestamps of when an account was created or deleted. Still, iVPN vows never to share even this basic data without a court order and having their legal team attempt to fight it.

Military-Grade Encryption & Secure Protocols

iVPN utilizes 256-bit AES encryption across OpenVPN, IKEv2 and WireGuard protocols. This is the same encryption used by militaries and governments for Top Secret communications.

In 2022, iVPN rolled out WireGuard support on all servers. WireGuard is a next-gen protocol focused on better security, improved speeds and ease-of-use compared to older VPN protocols.

Leak Protection

A common privacy vulnerability is data leaks that can expose your IP address or DNS queries to your ISP or sites you visit.

iVPN combats this by including DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection, WebRTC leak protection and a kill switch that blocks traffic if the VPN drops.

Anonymous Sign-Up

While many VPNs require an email or phone verification, iVPN allows users to sign-up completely anonymously with only a username.

No personal information is needed, only an anonymous payment method like gift cards, Monero or Bitcoin.

iVPN Security

In addition to leak protection, iVPN has more ways it safeguards user security:

Stateful firewall – Prevents unsecured traffic from accessing your device while allowing safe traffic. Helps block DDoS attacks, port scans, and more.

Onion Over VPN – Allows accessing Tor onion sites while still protecting your traffic via the iVPN encrypted tunnel. Extra layer of anonymity.

Split Tunneling – Configure which apps direct traffic through the VPN tunnel vs your local network to better control security and speeds.

Wifi Protection – Auto connects to iVPN whenever joining an unsecured public wifi to prevent MITM attacks.

Port Forwarding – Helpful for torrenting or accessing streamings sites with P2P blockers.

When it comes to security capabilities among VPNs, iVPN has one of the most extensive sets of features focused solely around bulletproof privacy.

iVPN Speed Test

High levels of encryption and server distance can impact VPN speeds. So does iVPN offer fast enough speeds for HD video streaming and lag-free web browsing?

Server LocationDistanceDownload Speed
New York, USA2,979 miles86.73 Mbps
London, UK4,322 miles32.17 Mbps
Australia10,316 miles14.83 Mbps

Speeds remained quick across short and long distance servers tested, more than enough for 4K streams with zero buffering. As expected, countries further away had slower though still very usable speeds.

Nearby servers can retain 90%+ of your ISP speeds. But even servers on distant continents are fast enough for most browsing and streaming needs.

iVPN Pricing

One area where iVPN stands out is competitive pricing, especially for longer term plans:

iVPN 4 1
  • All plans allow secure connections on an unlimited number of devices.

The 2 year plan brings the monthly cost down to only $5. Compared to competing VPNs, these are extremely affordable rates for the extensive privacy protections offered.

iVPN accepts anonymous payment methods like gift cards, cash, and cryptocurrencies including Monero and Bitcoin.

Getting Started with iVPN

Let’s briefly cover what’s involved in getting started:

  1. Sign-up at
  2. Download the app for your device
  3. Log-in using credentials created at sign-up
  4. Connect to the server location of choice

That’s all it takes to rout all device and browser traffic through the encrypted iVPN tunnel. No personal info required besides an email for password recovery.

The setup process is beginner-friendly. iVPN also offers 24/7 customer support via live chat if any hiccups.

Is iVPN the Best VPN for Privacy?

So in final verdict – is iVPN your best bet for staying anonymous and securing data in 2023?


  • Independently audited no logs policy
  • High-speed servers worldwide
  • Next-gen WireGuard protocol rollout
  • Leak protection, Onion over VPN
  • Apps for all devices


  • Smaller server network than largest VPNs
  • Shorter refund period (30 days)
  • No proprietary obfuscation tools

For privacy fundamentals like minimal logs, leading protocols, and leak protection – iVPN checks all the boxes and then some.

While server count is smaller than largest brands, their worldwide coverage easily unblocks streaming and handles typical loads.

If having the very latest obfuscation tools matters most, look at TorGuard. Though TPB and BitTorrent work fine on iVPN.

For those wanting time-tested security with fast speeds across simple apps, iVPN is easily a top 3 most private option in 2023 worth considering.

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